Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge # 6

Heart Throbs!

Activity # 6 for the Summer Break Reading challenge is to write about our literary heart throbs.

Stu Redman (East Texas)- Stu is a simple unassuming man in Stephen Kings's The Stand. He's the kind of guy you want on your side when a deadly plague hits your town. What impressed me most about his character was how gentle and loving he was to Frannie. I can almost hear that wonderful southern drawl....

Sam Roth from Shiver- What I liked about Sam was his sweet caring disposition. He wasn't controlling or overly "macho". He recognized Grace for the strong female character she was. Who couldn't fall in love with those gorgeous, intense eyes?!?!?

Peeta from The Hunger Games- A guy who can cook...enough said:-)

Now post about your literary heart throbs and add your link to Mr. Linky!


KarinLibrarian said...

Oh, I LOVE The Stand. I could have chosen Stu. And, I like that you used a wolf for Sam. Nice. Ahhh, Peeta. I'm so with you on that one too.

Miss Remmers said...

Peeta!! I forgot about him!!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I also like that you chose a wolf for Sam. I thought about choosing him as well, but he didn't quite make the cut. He's pretty throb-worthy, though.

Erika Lynn said...

Great choices, and you are right a man who can cook is always a plus

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