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I decided I needed a more creative "About Me" page...so here it is! I work in a junior high school library and I love helping students find books to read. It's a great feeling when you can help a student learn to love reading for pleasure. I decided to start this book blog as a way of sharing my love of reading with my library students and to stay connected to the ya book universe. Thanks to an awesome student, whose uncle happens to be the "Smoke Monster" aka. Terry O'Quinn on ABC's show Lost, I got to meet my favorite actor on the show (yep...that's him in the photo). Despite his character's bad reputation on the show he's a really nice guy and patiently posed for photos with staff and students.

When I'm not busy mingling with the stars (wink, wink) I'm busy being a mom to a teenage boy and wife to a fabulous husband. My other hobby is creating stuff with Photoshop and occasionally posting on my photo blog. I especially enjoy restoring old and damaged photos.

I've developed an interest in digital media and have been taking technology classes at Heartland Community College. My latest project is designing and maintaining the new Lincoln Speedway web site. You can find my husband and I at the Lincoln Speedway most Friday nights.

Thanks for visiting my blog and learning a little about me...I hope you enjoy my reviews and other reading related stuff.

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